Carry on screaming


Sometimes we all need to let our hair down, and that is especially so for a busy team of recruiters, who have people to place and targets to reach. It’s been a strange quarter for sure, with more jobs than you can shake a stick at and fewer candidates to fill them, it’s really tested the teams’ creativity and contacts, yet they still came through. So, we decided to head off out  (now that we can) to a karaoke restaurant in Westminster, and boy what an evening!

I can’t think of a better way to thank the team for their efforts than to stand alongside them and belt out A Real Dead Ringer for Love while dining on delicious dim sum and filling our boots with copious amounts of booze. But, there is a serious side to this frivolity, as a business we have always advocated the importance of working hard and playing hard. Admittedly, when Covid first hit I don’t think any of us really understood the impact on business or the people who work within it. Who’d have thought a year ago that we would be ordered to stay at home. Kitchens were rapidly turned into offices and a trip to the shops was a terrifying prospect as we were all convinced we’d be arrested for defying lock down.

But we, the teams, our clients and supply chain all pulled together and stood up to the line. We think it’s important to look around you at the individuals within your teams and see just how the pandemic has affected them personally, and how, for whatever reason, they are still with you and still putting in the time and effort to keep the business not only ticking over but creating a successful wave. Pictured: Teams at our various team days before and after lockdown.