Read beyond the headline


When it comes to searching for a new role the temptation is to be drawn in by size of the basic salary, but this is a very blunt tool and you may be disregarding roles that have exceptional, flexible and valuable benefits that you may find much more beneficial. It’s not all about the headline!

Gone are the days when the basic salary was the main draw. Don’t get us wrong, basics are an important part of the mix, but benefits such as flexible working in a post-covid world is just one of the modern-day benefits that are uttered as a key preference by many candidates looking to jump ship.

There are plenty of other perks that pique the interest of candidates and also double up to demonstrate a company’s commitment to employee well-being. Here are just a few of the more regular and a little quirkier requirements offered by employers to attract and retain the best candidates. Take a look, take a breath and look at the entire package before you consider that next role. A good recruitment consultant will drill down your needs and match them with an employer that offers one, some or all of your needs depending on how rigid you want them to stick to the list. If you’ve seen other benefits not listed feel free to share them with us by commenting below.

  • Signing on bonus – a lump sum offered to new employees upon starting a new post.
  • Hybrid working – Flexible working times and working from home are becoming ever more popular.
  • Day off for birthday – a quirky perk which allows you to have a night out and a lay in to celebrate your big day.
  • Unlimited annual leave – usually combined with performance targets
  • Duvet days – don’t fancy going into the office early, use your duvet day trump card to have a lie in.
  • Gym membership – keep fit for free.
  • Access to a mental health councillor – if things get tough, it’s time to talk to someone
  • Fertility benefits – funding for fertility treatments including IVF
  • Enhanced maternity and paternity leave – some companies go beyond the statutory basic pay