Skills Shortage big concern


Skills shortages are at an all time high and it’s one of the recruiter’s biggest headaches according to research from REC, and we agree! In the ‘Labour and Skills Shortages – Members Survey Analysis’, a whopping six in ten (65%) of respondents to their recent research across the industry cited skills shortage as one of their biggest concerns, even bigger was shortage of labour, slicing in at nearly nine in ten (88%).

The factors affecting the ability to place suitable candidates include the current immigration systems and an inability to offer competitive salaries, including the right to work changes for EU workers. But, the REC has a plan of action that we think would help in a big way.

Their suggestion to create a new cross-government and industry forum including BEIS, DfE and DWP whereby the industry is represented will give a much-needed voice to the recruitment sector. Currently the cross-departmental group is an internal one and therefore speaks to itself and AT industry.

The REC is also calling to allow flexibility in the points-based immigration system and a visa route for low skilled workers to allow firms in the worst-affected sectors to access staff at crucial periods. This will certainly help with the provision of lower skilled construction workers and service staff.

A call to broaden the apprenticeship levy and increase funding for training at lower skill levels would aim to improve progression opportunities for lower-skilled and temporary workers in a bid to encourage business to do more in the UK.

The final point to increase focus from businesses on workforce planning, staff engagement, attraction and retention policies up to senior leadership levels by working with professional partners to boost performance, productivity and staff wellbeing.

You can download the full report here: